Can this portable mini blender mix Hot liquids?

This mixer was designed to blend smoothies, crush ice and mix juices. We do not recommend putting hot liquids in mixer.

How is it cleaned?

Mixer base is waterproof and Dishwasher safe, Blade component is to be cleaned by running hot water over it and air drying.

What's the watts power for this personal blender?

150W/ 16Oz 460L / 20,000 times per minute/portable personal blender perfect for indoor or outdoor.

Is the electric motor component removed after blending and fitted with a normal type of lid?

No the blade is attached to the top. you leave the top on after blending and drink your smoothie or shake. Take with you and reblend if needed.

Does it come with two separate 4000mah batteries?

That’s no battery. The charging is by usb cable

Can it blend while charging?

No, this product is very safe and is protected from starting while charging. As well as the inverted triangle logo to align the dot to start.

Can I take this on the plane with me? Can I carry it or check my luggage?

Yes, it can be taken on your body or travel along via checked baggage. Because its built-in lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 4,000 mAh, it is allowed to be carried along. Please Check/Verify With TSA.

Is there a Automatic shut off?

Yes after 40 seconds.